Why You Need a broker

We work for you!

A licensed broker works as a transaction facilitator between you and the lender. We search the lending market for the best rate and financial product for that suits your need. The best part? Our services are FREE!* Brokers are paid by the lender of choice once the ideal product has been selected. You get to utilize our expert advice and lenders at no cost!*


We care for our clients

We care for our clients, not only because we work for you but because we are small business owners and rely on referrals and 5 star google reviews. The majority of our business is done through word-of-mouth, this results in the best experience for our clients and referral sources. We are motivated to help you achieve your homeownership dream!

We are licensed

Mortgage Brokers are licensed financial professionals. We continue to maintain our education through license renewals, provincial and federal professional memberships and educational courses. As a result, we provide expert advice you can trust!

We get greater access to rates

Mortgage brokers are employed by an independent firm and have access to over 50 lenders, while a bank specialist can only access their particular lenders products. This can translate into a big difference in rates and mortgage terms for homeowners! More options to choose from with expert advice just makes sense.

We specialize in mortgages

When it comes to mortgage brokers, we eat, sleep and breath home ownership! Service, client guidance, education and brighter financial futures are key!

Strategic Knowledge to Serve You

Mortgage & Financial expertise

Purchasing Your First Home

Let us walk you through the steps, from pre-approval to taking possession. We make the process fun and informative. Purchasing your first home should be exciting!

Purchasing Your Second Home

You’re an owner. Now you need more space? Got transferred for work? Had a life change? We can help! Timing is everything when you need to sell and purchase. We can ensure you have all the info you need to execute this next move with ease.

The Salveo Way
Family Law Financing

The Salveo Way program is designed for Family Law clients to facilitate a successful financial review & division of spousal or joint property & equity. Our goal is to ensure brighter financial futures for all.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

Looking to lower your interest rate? Consolidate debt? Access your hard-earned equity? Let’s work together to build a plan to help your financial goals become reality.

Renew Your Mortgage

We can potentially save you thousands on your upcoming renewal. Contact us before you sign on the Bank’s dotted line. We shop for you!

Purchasing Your Vacation Home

Ready to purchase your home away from home? Sun and Sand? Lake and Mountains? Whatever that looks like to you, we can help you financially get there.

Home Equity
Line of Credit

Looking for a product with maximum flexibility at a low interest rate? We have great options for you.

secondary services

Property Investors

Debt Consolidation

New to Canada

Reverse Mortgages

Retirement Planning

Construction Financing

Commercial Financing

Strategic Knowledge to Serve You

What our clients say

My wife and I have never come across a more knowledgeable, caring, mortgage specialist. Eden goes above and beyond educating her clients and ensuring they have all the facts before they make the most important purchase of there lives. She always takes the time to explain each situation and possible outcomes. Its very rare to find someone that isn't just out there for the deals, and the quick commission. Eden truly cares about her clients and it shows with how loyal her clients are. Her contacts in the industry, give her clients an advantage to more options and flexibility compared to trying to work with your bank. She always manages to find a way and ensures her clients get what they feel most at peace about. Eden made our dream come true. She found a way for us to purchase our dream home and I am 100% convinced no one in the industry could have done it better than Eden.
R. Olstad
I would highly recommend Eden Simari. She is an absolute mortgage magic maker. Knowledgeable, professional and prompt in communication which I very much appreciated. She always kept us up to date and made us feel like we were a priority. I can't say enough great things about our experience. I will absolutely use Eden again.
S. Teske
Consummate professional. Eden exceeds expectations for my clients every time. In the financial industry our reputation is our brand, so referring services is a vital part of the client experience, and I rest easy knowing I have Eden in my corner managing all of my clients mortgage needs.
JP. Fouillard
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